Want Not, Waste Not

If you’re anything like me, your shopping habits as a bloke are often well-researched, begrudging and centred on getting an absolute bargain…

Unless you’re buying beer, or have cash in your pocket on a lunchtime…. Somehow eating and drinking with your mates isn’t a problem, when buying a birthday present for the mother-in-law is….

But, maybe that’s just me!

Even though I take a fairly stoic approach to Consumerism, I do still feel a gnawing sense of unease about all the single-use plastic and packaging that I generate on my lunch-time benders at Greggs, let alone the plastic trays my chicken comes in at home.

Convenience food, whilst invariably convenient, has the inconvenient habit of bothering my conscience with the small mountain of plastic that my family of 5 creates each week…

Somehow, we’re wrapped in a system who’s gravity and flow drag us along as we all rush about from one ‘meal occasion’ to the next ‘food on the go’ ‘impulse’ buy.

When did eating and drinking become so antisocial and so disposable?

Cue Bea Johnson and her book ‘Zero Waste Home’

Myself and my wife read it whilst camping this summer. Sat there on a summers evening underneath the stars with horrendously warm cans of Old Speckled Hen (I do appreciate the irony!), we watched our campfire and semi-feral children play about in the gathering gloom. This ‘waste-free’ ‘good life’ seemed the obvious choice to make as a responsible 21st century family.

We should do it, could do it and would do it!….

Driving past Mackies on the way back home was hell!

Our post-holiday tradition of cheeky Big Macs and Nuggets almost caved our resolve to try this waste-free home thing. The kids certainly didn’t seem as keen as we did!

So, back at home, we’ve opted for a Great British Compromise. We are trying to go waste-free, but we’re not going to kill ourselves in the process and potentially I may sneak out for the odd Greggs every now and again!

We’ve already made quite a few changes which have worked, all ideas nicked from Bea Johnson’s book of course! And I’ll be blogging about these, so you can share my garbled thoughts on what we’re trying, what’s working and what is not…

Please do share any ideas or #lifehacks you’ve got on going waste-free at home! Would love to hear your thoughts!

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