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“Never shop on an empty stomach” – wise words given to me when I left home for the big city.

In reality the city wasn’t that big, and the leaving home experience was fairly tame as rites of passage go… 

That said, one vice I did not avoid in the entry into full-blown adult ‘fun’ was the heady permissiveness of the office tuck-run.

Parked on busy street corners, bright  signage a flowery herald for the office drones, high street retail offers each and every lunch-time favorite needed for those looking to set up their 15:00 slump.

Picture the scene. It gets to 13:00, you’re itching for some fresh air. You think to yourself, “Just a quick stroll and then back in for that tasty box of leafs I made last night…”

Two minutes into your stroll, BAM!! Your mate announces he’s headed to the nation’s favorite sandwich chain. A lightning bolt epiphany, you realise you can always work off your guilt in the gymn tonight. That’s what it’s there for eh?…

Here are some classics that may pull you away from that Quinoi and Salmon Salad you made the night before….

  1. The Nation’s Favorite Sandwich Shop (rhymes with Meggs…)
  2. The Loyalty Card for the Nation’s Favorite Sandwich Shop!
  3. The Bakery Aisle (you know the one with all the chocolate brioche…)
  4. The Golden Arches! Calories don’t count when you’re travelling right?
  5. The £3 Meal Deal
  6. That Indy Coffee Shop (with all the nice home-made flap-jacks)
  7. That Indy Lunch Bar (with all the Low-GI Salads, brushed concrete… oh yeah and really good home-made flapjacks)
  8. Cadburys Sharing Bags!

Yeah, sharing bags are a killer. Show me a bag of chocolate brioche and I’ll take one for the team. In fact I’ll take each one for the team!

So the moral of the story… Shopper Marketing really works. In an age of social fatigue, channel fragmentation and private label success, the way to mans’ heart is still his stomach!





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