Harvey’s Blog – Duvet Day

They left me at home today? Really? Something about mucky paw prints on the carpet…. Doh!

So, Netflix and Duvet day it is. Fine by me.

Big questions for you here today (don’t feel the need to answer all at once).

  1. Have you watched Mad Men?
  2. If not, why not?
  3. Who’s your favorite Man Man/Woman?

Personally, I love it, I just can’t get enough of it’s over-stereotyped view of the 60’s. Its hammed up, over-done, ridiculously quotable and very very stylish.

Not to mention Don’s dog. Who doesn’t love that dog? Oh, did I mention he’s a golden retriever?!

Plus, Mad Men is pure escapism.Like any escapism or good marketing strategy, it manages to get under my skin and past by shaggy furry armour. Not that that’s particularly difficult with Golden Retrievers… we aren’t exactly known for our stone-faced composure…

Mad-men reminds me of little bit of all the stories I heard from the cool kids in the Kennels. It’s like listening to someone’s rose-tints teenage exploits. “I was bad you know… really bad! You know, bad like the 60’s”

Living through another dog’s stories.

It’s like Don says “it all comes down to what I want versus what’s expected”

In Mad Men, I can do exactly that.

Mucky paws and no prints.

After all, I am a dog…

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