Good Headlines for Frank Roberts & Sons Limited

Great press on Frank Roberts Bakery at the moment!

Went home to my parents in the North West the other day. Got up to get a slice of toast and WOAH!

The Warburtons Toastie had been swapped out for Roberts Thick Soft White. Controversial!

You’ll be relieved to know, my toast was still excellent… (What can I say, I’m good at toast!). Tasty bread and great engaging packaging. Got to say, I love their whole brand revamp – really fresh:

Smaller nimble brands which offer a great story and engagement, whether that’s provenance or health or convenience seem to be the guys that are making opportunities for themselves in the tough grocery environment we’re in. 

Some other brands we’re backing at the moment are:

– Soulfood |

Freaks Of Nature |

What brands are you backing? 

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