Gamify your Life

Gamify your Life

Advent Calendars, Christmas Jumpers, Christmas Drinks, Amazon Prime, Spending Whilst You’re Skint…

Merry Christmas! I love it!!!        

I’ve got to confess though, I used to hate it… Even though it would be the one point in the year where there’s a massive lull in recruitment. No phones ringing, taking it easy. Well, yeah, sounds marvelous. It was, sort of.

Problem was – I would crash at Crimbo – big style. All I wanted to do was sleep. Christmas shopping and all the mad fray of events and the family calendar just aggravated me. The moment I got a chance to take a breath from work, the pressures of doing up our ‘bargain’ house and bringing up a young family, surprisingly, I did not feel very fun!

I wouldn’t call it burn-out, but running too fast and skinning my knees one to may times to make the game fun – yes…. Absolutely. All work and no play made Jack a dull recruiter.

I like and follow a Psychologist called Jordan Peterson. He talks a lot about the importance of ‘play’.

(Not to be confused with getting a skinful with your colleagues – as an aside have you ever noticed how “work hard play hard culture” often stands for: “work till you’re exhausted and then well pay for you to get hung-over on a Friday once a quarter?”.)

Mr Peterson talks about ‘play’ as a neural learning circuit programmed into our social and biological needs as real people. If we want to learn and grow, the best way to do this is playing. All the best App Developers and Educators are cottoning onto this – Gamification- it’s here to stay.

Real play is tough though – It’s not laziness. It involves the development of good discipline, habits, mental strength and resolve. That’s why we call the sports we love – games. Watching my 3 year old daughter play jigsaws and dressing up, I can learn a thing or two from how hard she plays!

  • She shares the joy
  • She loves what she does
  • It helps her to sleep and re-charge
  • It enriches her friendships
  • It involves us others in her joy

I want to take a lead from my little girl and make ‘play’ more than a by-word for drinking. Let’s make play enriching.

What hobby did you drop because you didn’t have time? When did you last surprise your better half? When did you last bunk off work at 17:00 to put the kids to bed? When did you last set yourself a fun fitness goal and train for it.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you work super hard most of the time and probably you’ve burnt out before, or you’ve seen people you love do that. It’s just not worth it. Life’s too short not to play.

So, this Christmas, why not Gamify your life? Why not let “play hard” be your New Year’s Resolution and just get started early.

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