The Consumer Hub Story

After a fair old stint of working in independent and blue-chip recruitment agencies, Rich and Adam decided to set up Consumer Hub some time around Summer of 2017.

They now work out of a converted garage office in West Yorkshire, accompanied by Harvey: Golden Retriever, Avid Blogger, lover of Modernist Architecture, Moorland Walks, and Mad Men. Rich’s kids occasionally wave to them from the garden, and have decorated the office with “Art.” The kids are fairly well disciplined during school hours, so you’ll never hear them!

Rich and Adam love Consumer Brands, Marketing, Selling Ideas and Innovation. It just so happens that they also recruit within these areas. Winner!

The values that drive brands, the feelings they create, the products they offer, the people that push them forwards, these are all the types of questions that help get the Consumer Hub team loving you and your business; and more importantly… working hard for you!

The Ethos

Everyone knows the recruitment stereotypes… we aim to be different. If we’re not, tell us. You only learn when you skin your knees and get back up again!

That being said. Here are some of the things we like:

– Honesty
– Meeting Great People
– Retained Assignments
– Lego
– Badminton
– Walks on the Moors
– Blogging
– Family

Oh and recruiting people, we like that too!