Why is August so boring?

Why is August so boring?

You come back from your holiday fired up for work… or painfully aware that the same old niggles are the same old niggles…


Still, it’s a fairly good option to have – cracking on loving what you do, or looking for that juicy next role in your accelerating career.


All gravy, except that August is so bloody boring…


Maybe it’s just me, being a hardened cynical recruiter?.. But, everything just seems a bit flat.


Espresso anyone? A couple of record-breaking weeks of activity?


No thanks, I’ll take a caramel latte (you know the one that comes with the cheeky Lotus biscuit…) and a siesta please.


Half the team are still on holiday, in fact so are your customers. And even if their bodies have returned on a plane, the mind/spirit continuum is probably wandering slowly round some sun-dappled holiday memories clutching its last bottle of Chang beer.


Let’s be honest, kids have less problems adjusting to ‘Back to School’ than most of your office do to the ‘09:00 -17:00 grind’ post-holiday jet-lag.


So, what’s a boy to do?


In and amongst the longing to be back on that beach, there’s a few reasons to love August:


  1. Ask your boss for a pay-rise! – great time to do it. Everyone asks for one April/May when the budgets are in… or out as the case may be. Ask in August. Get in there early with your intentions. Yeah, you might not get one now, but you’ll be much more likely to get one next year if you get your ambition out in the open now and agree a plan of action to get you there with your boss.
  2. Sit down with your boss and tell them your ideas. Always hard to get time with her? A quiet August is the perfect time to show off your insights, suggestions and demonstrate your value-add.
  3. If you’ve got itchy feet, assess your life-goals and how your career fits in – are you going to where you want to be? Grab a pint one evening with your significant others and get their views and input.
  4. Prepare your CV for the Autumn. Nuff said.
  5. Catch up with your friendly neighbourhood recruiter. Most of them are bored too and are waiting for the September rush (Yeah yeah, I know they’ll all say they’re busy… busy like a Dad in an armchair). Make sure you are front of mind when that rush comes and that they’re in your corner and committed to working closely with you and keeping in touch in the autumn.

Alternatively, there are pointless arguments to get involved in on Twitter or Gambling Apps.


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Either way, August doesn’t have to be a write-off for your own career and life-goals!

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